Web Programming


Web Programming

  • How long does web development take?

    It really varies depending on the type and scope of work you need. For instance, building a web application from scratch takes a lot longer than customizing an existing one. How long it takes to fix a bug depends entirely on the complexity of the bug. After you’ve outlined your project, you can ask the developers for an estimate of the timeline.
    Web programming refers to the writing, markup and coding involved in Web development, which includes Web content, Web client and server scripting and network security. The most common languages used for Web programming are XML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl 5 and PHP. Web programming is different from just programming, which requires interdisciplinary knowledge on the application area, client and server scripting, and database technology.Bugs in HTML are more forgiving than programming languages such as … strategies to fix bugs once they have occurred there are certain styles of writing HTML 

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