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What Is Voice Over?

Also referred to as voice acting, voice over is a type of profession that requires practice and style. This rewarding profession began in  Steamboat Willie, a Mickey Mouse film by Walt Disney. Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian inventor, created the first-ever voice over. Fessenden recorded the first voice over report for the United States Weather Bureau. Later on, other voice overs featured on the radio showcased Christmas messages, music, and bible texts.

Although everybody encounters work from this type of profession, not everyone knows what it is. Voice overs are done by voice actors and actresses expected to record and stir emotion through their voices.

Voice over is a human-made production that uses software to capture and edit a recording to use for specific broadcast purposes. A voice over also goes through other processes wherein the recording will be mixed, edited, and mastered to ensure superior quality. After this, it is ready for film, theater, radio, television, among many other channels.

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