Vector Tracing


Vector Tracing

In graphics design, two words raster and vector are very common. Vector is mostly used in graphic design as it preserves the pros and cons of color, shape of the design. Vector consists of different path so that a design including smallest business card to largest billboard can use the same file to design without losing its quality.

Vector files can be zoom in for many times in printing design but a raster image once zoomed in, loses its quality of its original pixel.

Conversion of raster images into vector is getting popular now a days. For the conversion, adobe illustrator is the most common software used for vector tracing. You can use adobe illustrator and turn a raster into vector very easily. Firstly open a new file by clicking (ctrl+O), then place your raster image. Go to “object”. In the lower part of Object there a option “image trace”. Then hover over the mouse on image trace. You will find a option “make”. Before clicking, confirm that your placed raster image is selected. Clicking “make” you will find your raster image converted into vector.

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