Traditional Marketing


Traditional Marketing

We live in a digital world, it’s true. That doesn’t change human nature, and it doesn’t mean that the same forms of marketing that have worked for hundreds of years have suddenly stopped working. Some clients chose to use our services to execute traditional marketing campaigns that fit into their existing marketing strategy, but often we work with our clients to develop multi-channel marketing strategies that combine traditional marketing techniques with complimentary digital efforts.

Why you need Traditional Marketing

Everyone says you need to promote yourself online and in social media. We agree, but you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. There are plenty of customers that do not frequently go online, or use social media. Sometimes you want to know your promotion was seen by audience. Whatever the reason, your marketing strategy should include a mix of digital and traditional marketing assets.

How to use Traditional Marketing

In today’s market, there’s a lot of noise online and your message can be drowned out. On the other hand are traditional marketing tactics like promotional videos, Direct Mail, Advertising, brochures and business cards. The best strategies use a coordinated mixture of both online and offline campaigns in order to reach customers at different times and create top of mind awareness. One example is to use a direct mail campaign to target specific neighborhoods for a service, drive traffic to your website with a custom promotion and have them schedule a visit or sign up for a demonstration. This is all possible with our our “Done For You” packages to create a consistent image for your business offline and online.

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