Song Lyrics for Music

  • Up to 60 Seconds
  • Original Melody
  • HQ Audio File’

I know this is debatable… But in my opinion the MUSIC is far more important. Bernie Taupin may disagree with me- but if Elton John didn’t have such incredible music, his lyrics may never have seen the light of day.

The music is the foundation. It is 50% of the equation on paper. But it’s the music that gives you things like feel, rhythm, dynamic, melody and atmosphere. Music lifts the words off the page!

There are many songs with such great music they can allow a weaker lyric. But if you pair a great lyric with weak music, it won’t have a chance.

Of course, the pinnacle of songwriting is to pair a magnificent lyric with top shelf music and melody. Then you have a smash hit. And hopefully something that really moves people!!

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