How AdWords Billing Works

For most Google AdWords accounts, the billing setting will be automatic payments. With this setting, you can also make a payment at any time, but in the US and Canada, you cannot be on a purely manual payment setting.

Automatic payments will bill you 30 days after your last payment or when you hit your “billing threshold,” whichever comes first.

What Is the AdWords Billing Threshold?

The billing threshold usually starts out at $50 and increases the more times you reach it before 30 days, up to $500.

What Happens with Billing When I Update a Credit Card in AdWords?

When you update/change credit cards, AdWords will automatically charge the new card with the current balance.

Can AdWords Do Monthly Invoicing?

There is an option for monthly invoicing, but you have to apply to AdWords to use it and you have to be registered as a business for at least one year and spend at least $5,000/month in three out of the last 12 months. There also may be additional requirements.

How Bing Ads Billing Works

You can choose between either pre-pay or post-pay. You choose this when you set up the account, and once selected, it cannot be changed. The default setting for Bing Ads is post-pay.

For post-pay, the billing date is set when you create the account, and you will be billed on that same day every month. This cannot be changed.

What Is the Bing Ads Billing Threshold?

Bing also uses the billing threshold system. You pay when you hit the threshold or on the billing date, whichever is first. Bing Ads also starts at $50 and increases based on if you make your payments on time.

What Happens with Billing When I Update a Credit Card in Bing Ads?

Bing will also charge your current balance when you edit credit cards.

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