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Toll Free Number (1800)

  • We are Intractive Voice Response
  • We Provide Personalized IVR-Customized based on your company name
  • Example-Welcome Note & Press 1 for Sales/2 for Service /3 for HR
  • 1 Single Line Channel
  • We Provice Call Recording Up to 1 Year
  • We Divert Call o to 10 Users your Mobile Numbers
  • We Will Do  Track- Mised Call / Received Call-CRM
  • We provide Login Dashboard Manage All Calls Special Features Blacklisting & whitelisting for call management and cost saving
    Working hours and after hours IVR
    We provideGreeting message for callers
    We Have Multiple departments
    We Will Do CRM
  • Toll Free Rental Pay Monthly


What Is a Cloud Phone Number?

The cloud has completely revolutionized the way that companies do business. Because cloud technology is hosted and available virtually over the Internet, things like your phone system and call center software can have new functionality and accessibility.

In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most important (but often overlooked) cloud applications: cloud phone numbers.

What is a Cloud Phone Number?

A cloud phone number is a virtual phone number. It’s different from the standard type of phone number that you might buy from a local carrier.  Because they’re virtual, cloud phone numbers don’t require hardware or on-site technology. All you need to use these numbers is a computer and strong Internet connection.

Cloud phone numbers are offered by a variety of cloud phone service providers. These numbers can be formatted to work with your current on-site phone system, or connected to your existing cloud-based phone system.

The Benefits of a Cloud Phone Number

So, why would you choose a cloud phone number over a regular landline phone number?

For starters, they’re a very cost-effective option. Cloud phone numbers are significantly cheaper than standard phone numbers because they don’t require any on-site technology, like landlines or on-site phone systems.

Most virtual numbers cost around $15 – $25 per month; you can save even more by purchasing a number that comes with included minutes, which are usually offered at a discounted rate.

Cloud phone numbers are also known for their functionality. Cloud-based technology offers a variety of calling features that work along with your phone number, like call recording and call forwarding. With these features, your business can manage your calls, your employees and your customers more effectively.

Using a Cloud Phone Number

Cloud phone numbers are available in a variety of formats for your use. You can get anything from a local phone number to a toll free number in another country. You can answer the calls by pointing incoming calls to ring to the phone of your choice.

The great thing about cloud phone numbers is that they’re used just like a regular phone number you’re probably used to. For callers, the formatting of the number appears the same. And your business will be able to answer calls on the phone or device of your choice.

Cloud phone numbers come with advanced functionality, and their low price tag makes them an excellent choice for companies of all sizes and across all industries. Use this type of phone number and experience all the benefits of the cloud.

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Original price was: ₹3,820.Current price is: ₹3,000.
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