Post your Ads in 50 Classified Sites

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One Time Posting with your content and images with backlink for your site will be submitted

Post your Ads in 50 Classified Sites

One Time Posting with your content and images with backlink for your site will be submitted

What exactly is Classified Submission“?

Classified submission is one of the most influential ways to let the world know your business and service. It includes SEO strategies for website promotion by driving potential buyers and generating sales for products or services. Internet is the place where you can find numerable classified sites and directories from where you can easily display ads on products or services. It has rendered the submission of classified ads to free classified directories into a much sought after service for website promotion in search engines. Classified submission service even helps to generate back links to push up websites’ search engine ranking is a competency of classified submission.


It has been proven by most websites and services that advertise or promote their services in the classifieds sites achieve better inquiries and boost their online sales level. Your website and your brand can enjoy these benefits. You can submit your website to free classified sites to increase your opportunity. Classified submission  provide greater result for online stores as well as offline stores.


At the time of submitting your website you need to excise discretion to avoid the black list of your website for being found free for all directories and paid link farms. There are multiple benefits you can gain from your Classified Submission Service. Once you have done with your classified submissions then your brand will be highly visible among the targeted audience. mostly free classified service searcher have specific yet immediate requirements, so here you can promote your website classified submission to free classified sites to reach near prospective customers. Another classified submission benefit that you will enjoy from Classified Submission is free one way links. Your website’s link popularity will improve greatly with Classified Submission Service.

When people search for your offered products or services, your listings appear in the search results. This again will increase the traffic rate to your website. So encourage the manual submission strategies to make your entire process search engine friendly.


Whether it’s small business or the larger one, the internet marketing has changed the total scenario nowadays. Every day the changing business strategies are compelling companies to change their advertising strategies also to attract more to more customers. Though people understand the importance advertising budget but hardly few understands the true essence of allocating marketing dollars to internet marketing.

Classified submission divided as both online and offline according to their business requirements. Online classified ad submission has the same functionalities as offline classified ad submission. The only difference is online classified ads are easy to perform and very much affordable. Along with saving money you also save lots of time and energy through online classified submission.

In addition to time and money in many places your classified submission will also submit site to other classified sites for free or within small amount of cost. So here expenditures are very less than that of benefits.

  • Classified Submission enables you lists your website in local classified sites
  • Classified listing help people drive direct customers from local marketplace
  • Effective Classified Submission helps business owners get worthy backlinks
  • Inner pages of a website and portal are also allowed hence people can also promote their inner pages or product pages
  • It helps website owners improve their search engine ranking

Search Engine Optimization is consisting of multi-layer techniques and strategies to get the most out of online marketing. SEO through classified ads is an imperative positioning technique that will place you ahead of all your competitors. Classified submission  helps in SEO by promoting the traffic for your existing website. It automatically enhances links for website and to magnetize buyers towards your services.

SEO with classified ads creates a new medium to communicate among online users. Classified ads are provide more benefits when you know its exact placing, making more informative, convenient and beneficial. SEO classified is all about utilizing right strategies for speeding up your website with well positioned in search engine rankings.


  1. List your website in local classified sites.
  2. Classified submission listing will help you to drive direct visitors from local search.
  3. Get unique backlinks from high quality Classified submission websites.
  4. Service quality is updated as per new search engine guidelines.
  5. Use your choice of Keywords for Classified submission.
  6. The manual submission process will help you to produce high returns from classified submission.
  7. Website Inner pages are allowed, so you can promote your website inner pages/product pages and service pages.
  8. Improve your search engine ranking with our classified submission Service.

Prior to starting your classified submission here are some points that every web users must take into account.

  • Before start writing the ad, collect all the information that your clients want to include.
  • Compile all information of clients with all relevant information.
  • Include those information that compel visitors to keep reading and in the end buy products or services of clients.
  • Form your classified in a way that it tells all in the least number of words possible.
  • Use smart classified words like free, win, and phrases like “make big money” which clearer product or service in details to get more responses.

Here are the steps to enter into learning accurate strategies of Classified Submission service.

  1. If you want to gain great online business, then go for the right classified websites for submission. Select those websites where most visitors land with the hope of purchasing a product or service online. I would advise you to submit classified on websites with high PR. But if you are doing classified submission for SEO purposes, then submit your classified to as many classified sites as possible.

  2. After selecting the website on which you wish to submit you classified, the next important step is to select the right category and sub-category. Suppose you are submitting a classified under ‘Information Technology’ then you need to select the category that may be ’Computer’ then you have to select its subcategory such as ‘web design’.

    For example, if you are submitting a classified of an IT company on a classified website like, then you should submit your classified under the services category and in the sub-category called ‘computer & web design’ or something very close to it.

Now fill the rest of the fields for which you have already prepared the content like

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post your adsPost your Ads in 50 Classified Sites
Original price was: ₹3,500.Current price is: ₹3,000.
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