eCommerce Job Portal System

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eCommerce Job Portal System

India, the second largest populated country after China, and about 60 to 65 percent of the country’s population is in the age group of 20- 30 years, clearly stating the high demand of new jobs and providing rise to the significance of various job portals. Job Portals are the meeting points for the recruiters and the job seekers where each goals at meeting their respective requirements. Recruiters  fill their job openings with the right candidate who has the right qualification and ability to handle the responsibilities efficiently. On the one hand, the job seekers try to find a job where they can apply their knowledge and grow as a professional.

If you are planning to open your own job recruitment firm, then this blog can help you on finding your each requirement. In early days to manage recruitment process we had to manage a long data base into doc or excel files which was very time consuming work for anyone but now a software or job portal have taken place in market. Although, the cost of job portal software was very expensive but now the technology made it affordable for small or start ups too. As being in Job portal development solutions for long years, Outshine Solutions continue to add latest and advance features in its job portal and provide smart ways to operate a business smartly. Lets have a look upon latest features that is high demand for any job portal –

Features Of Job Portal:

  • Recruitment portal should give you a solution to get your process automated.
  • The portal should give power to store unlimited databases of Job seekers and employers.
  • The recruitment process should be easy for both job seekers and employer.
  • Automatic scheduling should be done through the cron job facility for system reminders, updates, matching jobs, Bulk mailing.
  • Online application submission, tracking of application, manager your methods powerfully without any delay.
  • Tracking, Filtering, short-listing the best candidates for your company.
  • Management of job seekers, employers, statistics of your data, report generation, CMS management are the best part of a recruitment solution


Job portals make the recruitment process, simple and speedy with above features. Online job portals have a huge database of active job seekers, and often provide free resume or CV submission services, which encourages job seekers to resist with them. As an employer, you can filter with the help of data base and select to those CV’s that meets the job profile criteria. You just need to enter the candidates you are looking for, and get a lot of resumes that match your needs in a snap. You can easily and quickly screen out job seekers with specific qualification and experience, contact them, interview them and if fount suitable, close the vacancy with the right candidate.

We believe that the job portals play a major part in finding the right job for the job seekers in today’s world. The online job search portals are one of the cheapest sources of communication for the job seekers and the applicants. Both, the recruiter and the job seekers can register at the portal free of cost as well as specify their requirements. In addition,  they get an alert from the job portal whenever a candidate comes up or a suitable job. Employers who are looking for the right  candidate for their company can find at job portal. They don’t have to take an interview of many job seekers to find one from the best and employers can send application using job portal so the procedure of appointment becomes faster.

With the help of recruitment software/application, you can do major business automation very effectively and in short time.

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ecommerce job portel sysytemeCommerce Job Portal System
Original price was: ₹100,000.Current price is: ₹60,000.
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