Pay Per Impression (PPI) is a prominent way to market your product. According to statistics, more than 75% of the traffic is from search engine optimization but only 25% of the traffic is from the PPI campaign. Now you may think it is not worth spending money on PPI campaigns since it yields very less result.

You may be more attracted to spend it for a wider SEO campaign. But, there are various reasons one should consider PPI campaign along with SEO as it has certain plus points which SEO will take forever to conquer

Easy Keyword Selection

By analyzing pay-per-click results for various keywords selected, you can shortlist the main keyword that brings the maximum number of traffic to your website. Keyword is the primary factor for a successful marketing campaign. It is also the basic step for planning the SEO campaign, as you can optimize the page with the keyword shortlisted from the PPC campaign.

Constant Traffic

Any SEO campaign will take months to get your website on the first page. It involves posting of links at the right place and needs many hours of work to be indexed by the search engine spiders. In comparison to SEO, PPC campaign gives immediate listing on the first page.

Users tend to click on links found on the first page. Only 20% users go past the first page of any search engine results. So, it is safe to say that by using PPC, you get a considerable amount of traffic for the given keyword, without any effort.

It Is Cheap and Can Be Run from Home

PPC campaigns are much cheaper when compared to other offline marketing techniques. To make a website popular and familiar among the people, various radio and television advertisements are required to be aired. They work out very expensive when compared with the PPC campaigns.

Additionally, PPC campaigns are very easy to run and supervise. All you need is a laptop, internet connection and a search engine PPC account. There are no unnecessary travels or efforts involved.

Visibility and Trust

The PPI campaign gives good visibility for the website. Even if users do not click on the advertisement, the website will become familiar in the minds of the people who constantly search for related keywords. When they frequently see your website listed, the trust for the website increases and people start impression on it. PPI also helps in gaining trust and credibility of the website among users.

If you would like to run a PPI campaign for your business, Impression out our PPI Management services in India.

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