Legal Consulting


Legal Consulting

Fast, Practical And Time-Tested Legal Solutions

our expert team of litigation lawyers has gathered extensive courtroom experience. This enables us to offer legal advice and solutions that are most relevant to you, delivered quickly and efficiently. We work as an extended team to the legal departments of corporate and institutional clients and provide litigation services before the Supreme Court, high courts, NCDRC, NCLT, Arbitration, and other tribunals and courts.

Dispute Resolution

RR Legal Partners strives to work in conjunction with the fundamental legal framework of India to provide dispute resolution services to organizations. We adhere to collaborative procedures to address disputes arising out of legal wrongdoings, perceived legal rights, or threat of legal actions against a party. With an experience of 20 years, we provide adept legal advice and wherever necessary, defend interests in lawsuits.


Transactions between businesses often become disagreements of varying scales. We, at RR Legal Partners, facilitate conversations between disputed parties in order to resolve conflicts. Our panel of arbitrators and mediators are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, averaging over 20 years of experience and have presided over numerous arbitrations.

Appeals, Writs, and SLPs

The Indian legal framework offers constitutional remedies like appeals, writs and special leave petitions (SLP) to ratify any judgment, decree, determination, sentence or order in any case made by any court or tribunal in the Indian territory. Our deep understanding of the legal analogy and procedures help organizations to navigate complex disputes and defend their interests.

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