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Dear Investors,

We welcome you to invest in eCommerce Platform 

We have made Investment, Returns & Withdrawal as simple as it is 

We give opportunity for everyone to invest and you “Need Not To Be Rich" for investing

  • Invest even in multiples of Rs. 100 up to Rs. 10,000

  • Get up to 36% Interest Per Annum as Returns

  • Returns Payable Monthly of Monthly Returns

  • Payable on Last Day of the Calendar Month of Monthly Returns

  • No minimum Locking Period – You can invest even for 1 Day

  • You can withdraw the complete Invested Money back on same day of your request

  • Tax Deduction at Source will be Applicable 

  • If you have any query kindly email to us at

  • You can buy this at any time as a product given below

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