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Apply for IE Code Registration with us online! All Indian businesses who engage in or want to extend their business operations through import and export business operations are required to do so. The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), under the Department of Commerce, in India, issues IEC Code Registration online, a compulsory 10-digit unique licence, for corporations and businesses who deal with import-export operations in the Indian Territory.

Overview of IEC Registration Online in India

Anyone wishing to register an import/export firm in India must first obtain IEC Registration. documents necessary for IEC (Import Export Code) registration. Register for an IEC (Import Export Code) in India.

Apply for IE Code Registration with us online in India! All Indian businesses who engage in or want to extend their business operations through import and export business operations are required to do so. The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), under the Department of Commerce, in India, issues the 10 digit obligatory Online IE Code Registration for organisations and businesses that deal with import-export transactions in Indian territory.

If an Indian company wishes to grow its business through import and export business operations, it must comply with the IEC, or Import Export Code. The IEC is awarded by the Ministry of Commerce & Industries’ Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). The Import-Export Registration Licence Certificate’s objective is to control and manage the foreign trade operations in India. It is a special ten-digit code that is provided by DGFT.

Any business cannot engage in import-export activity without acquiring an IEC code licence, hence obtaining IEC registration is required in order to carry out import and export activities in India. Additionally, obtaining IEC code registration is a need for any firm that wishes to expand its activities to include import-export activity. Through this registration, the company is also eligible to benefit from government programmes. All traders are now required by the Reserve Bank of India to obtain an import export code licence, and this code is required at all times when doing transactions.

Businesses today face an increasingly fierce level of rivalry from rivals in the commercial market. Businesses operating in domestic markets now consider it necessary to expand their commercial activity globally by engaging in international trade due to the production of new ideas and back-to-back new advances in business operations, including the rise of e-business.

IEC registration online in India for individuals is a one-time registration process, and the corporation may use the resulting licence; however, per the announcement, IEC holders must electronically update their IECs every year between the months of April and June. The IEC holder must additionally update and declare if the IEC details have not changed. For the fiscal year 2021–2022, the deadline for updating or modifying your IEC information is June 30. Once the company has gained IEC, it can grow its international business activities without any problems.

Benefits of IEC Registration Online in India

Business expansion: Using IEC, a company can broaden its customer base to include markets around the world. The IEC Licence enables the company to export its goods outside of the country and build brand awareness on the global market.

Receiving Several Benefits: The business may be eligible for a number of benefits from the Export Promotion Council, DGFT, and Customs depending on the basis of IEC registration.

Receiving Several Benefits: The business may be eligible for a number of benefits from the Export Promotion Council, DGFT, and Customs based on the completion of an online IEC registration form. No Filing of a Return: There is no requirement to file a return for the iec code online application. Once online iec registration in India is approved, no additional steps are required to verify its validity. Anytime an export transaction occurs, the DGFT doesn’t become involved or raise any concerns about filing a return.

Easy Process: Obtaining IEC from DGFT is relatively straightforward and may be finished within 0–15 days of submitting the application. To receive the import export code number, no export or import documentation are needed.

Valid for Lifetime: Once your company has obtained an IEC licence, you can benefit from its automatic iec registration features indefinitely because the licence is perpetual and, more significantly, there is no requirement for a renewal procedure.

Government-Authorized Proof: The Import Export Code (IEC), which is issued by the DGFT, is a government identification number. and be able to present this identifying code number when the package is cleared.

When IEC Registration In India Is Needed

To import and export goods and products overseas, an IEC registration certificate is required. It authorises using the port through which the products or services are being exported or imported and the vendor code information. Since it is significantly more difficult to obtain an import-export code without providing the whole data or information of the items being exchanged or imported, IEC aids in reducing the amount of illegally transported commodities.

Only if you register with an IEC number as a trader or importer will customs authorities permit your shipment.

For international transactions, the bank requires an IEC registration code.

IEC registration at the customs port is required for exporters in order to have their cargo cleared.

When an exporter receives payment in foreign currency directly to his bank account, IEC registration in India is necessary.

The government of the foreign countries confirms the dealer on the basis of the IEC code application process.

Documents Required for IEC Registration in India

  • PAN Card of the company or the applicant
  • Bank account statement of the company or applicant
  • Photocopy of Driving License
  • Photocopy of the cancelled cheque
  • A copy of Aadhar/Voter ID
  • Certificate of Partnership Deed/Incorporation
  • Address proof of the registered office premise

Key Features of IEC Registration in India

A person is exempt from needing to register for an import export code if they import and export items and goods for personal reasons unrelated to trade, manufacturing, or horticulture.

Business owners do not need to register with the IEC if they export or import goods and products to or from Myanmar and Nepal via the China and Indo-Myanmar Fringe Zones in a single conveyance that does not exceed Rs. 25,000.

Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipments, and Technologies (SCOMET), which are included in Appendix -3, Schedule 2 of ITC (HS), cannot be exported without an exemption from obtaining an IEC.

Key Features of IEC Registration

  • No business operation can involve in Import/Export business activities without obtaining IEC new registration
  • It works as a proof for a company which is involved in import/export of products and goods Once registered with IEC, it exists for a lifetime which means there is no requirement for any renewal.
  • It is not necessary or not needed for any individual or legislative functions to involve in import or export of products and goods
  • IEC or Import Export Code is irremissible for making foreign money transactions
  • It is significant for all parts of exporters or importers business.

Registration Procedure of IEC Registration in India

To any business that is involved in the import-export activities in India, it is mandatory to obtain your IEC registration done. Once the IEC code renewal is obtained it holds the validity for the lifetime of the proprietor of the business or for the business. IEC registration code can be done online by visiting the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) website.

Following Is The Step By Step Process Of IEC Registration:

1)Visit the DGFT website at, or the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. Then you must select “Apply for New Import Export Code (IEC) or Modify Existing IEC” from the menu.

2)Complete the applicant’s PAN information. then enter the following data, such as your name (as it appears on your PAN), your incorporation date, or your birth date. Code Captcha

3)Click submit after providing the necessary information.

4)The next step is to provide the email address and mobile number. Afterward, hit “Generate OTP” after entering the Captcha code. Enter and submit the OTP.

5)The next step is the creation of an E-Commerce number, at which point you must enter the following information: the company’s name, address, previously entered email and mobile numbers, the name on the PAN card, the date of incorporation, and the type of company, such as a private limited company, a public limited company, a proprietorship, an LLP, an undertaking, etc.

6) The company’s line of business, including merchant exporters, service providers, manufacturers exporters, etc. Name of the account holder, bank account number, and applicant information.

7) Submit the application after providing all the necessary information.

8) On the following screen, enter the company or firm’s branch information, including the branch’s SI number, six-digit PIN, and address. update the director, partner, proprietor, karta, and managing trustee information

9) After filling out all the necessary information, upload the necessary documents, such as an address proof, a voided check, or a bank certificate.
The payment of fees and their verification, as outlined in the application, come next.

10) View the finished application, carefully study it, and click

11) Print the programme.

12) Submitting your application, either with or without the applicant’s DSC, is the last step.


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