Best email marketing services with top among email marketing companies providing free email marketing templates and free email credits to Increase your sales revenue through mass email marketing has never been so easy.

1. Convert your website visitors into subscribers
2. Keep the consistency of your brand through professionally designed branded templates
3. Upload and organise unlimited contacts
4. Schedule your campaigns to specific deadlines so you never miss them
5. Set autoresponders to help you automate your sales process
6. Track your results so you can improve your campaigns in the future, and judge their success
7. Avoid losing potential sales due to lack of follow-up processes

Group Email Marketing

Sending more than 50 emails through your personal email application such as AOL, Yahoo, Google, or Outlook can be time consuming and non productive. If you have a database of over 100 contacts and would like to grow it through your website, Group email marketing is your best option. Broadcast your emails to hundreds or thousands using Write About Now – The specialist in Group email marketing. Doing large scale in-house email broadcasting can also be expensive.

Write About Now makes Group email marketing a simple, affordable and hassle free experience. The Write About Now software is there for you 24/7 allowing you to send your campaigns when you like to the contacts you have chosen. With our autoresponder feature you can set up the exact time and date when your Group email marketing campaigns will reach your recipients, giving you more time to run your business. to see how easy it is to send Group email marketing campaigns using Write About Now.

Broadcasting Group emails with Write About Now

You can broadcast emails within minutes through our easy to use online software. Once you’ve created your email newsletter or message you simply select the target group or groups from your contact list and after clicking send, Write About Now will deliver your Group email marketing campaign within minutes! You can wait a few minutes and check in real time who has already opened your campaign – it’s that simple.

No. Of Emails1001,0001,00,0002,00,000
PaymentFreePer MonthPer MonthPer Month
Free HTML Design0123
Validity30 Days30 Days60 Days90 Days

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