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Our bargains group is dedicated to having a genuine effect to neighborhood organizations and helping them develop. We realize that a solid quantifiable profit is the thing that truly numbers and that is the thing that we need to help you accomplish. So what might you want to say to half the neighborhood populace Sun Fm is the chief publicizing stage in our transmission territory and no other medium offers better esteem for cash?

Your own particular committed official will sit down to truly get to know your business and work with you to plan the fight that is a good fit for you; the particular case that will convey results. A remarkable group of inventive makers are primed to assemble some extraordinary thoughts for you so when you are on air your business truly emerges. Your sound message is recorded onto an Album or Mp3 player. [FM]

• The player apparatus is connected to the transmitter and the transmitter telecasts your message.
• Signage educates guests to tune their radio dial to the right FM recurrence.
• Messages can shift long from 30 seconds or more.
• Extraordinary sound impacts, music, or character voices might be joined into the presentation for viability.
• FM Transmitters show your message 24 hours a day and can work from a business site

Customer Benefits:
• Clients hear the messages through their vehicle FM radio.
• Client gains a warm and benevolent voice welcome.
• Audience members keep educated about approaching occasions, current advancements and administrations accessible.
• Clients can abstain from needing to read leaflets and sign

Corporate Benefits:
• Transmitters are minimal effort to buy and prudent to work.
• Show 24/7. FM transmitters are not influenced by climate conditions and temperature.
• Messages could be changed for night-time, weekends & occasions or regularly to furnish fitting and current data.
• FM transmitters may be utilized to converse with huge assemblies inside or outside.
• Telecast prerecorded messages and live play-by-play activity occasions.
• Transmitters are brilliant for outside arouses and celebrations, and for addressing assemblies in motorcades.
• FM Transmitters are exceptionally conveyable

Advertising on radio has consistently proven to be an effective and efficient medium to help generate brand awareness and grow business for a variety of companies and in a variety of geographical markets. But for small and mid-sized businesses that are on a tight budget, it pays to know some tricks of the trade to keep radio advertising affordable.

How to Build Your Business with The New Classical FM

When you advertise on THE NEW CLASSICAL FM: 96.3 FM, 102.9 FM and 103.1 FM, your message reaches a dynamic sophisticated and ever-expanding audience of professionals across the Toronto, Georgian Triangle and Cobourg areas.

Why Radio

Your market listens to the radio.

The people who buy your product or use your service listen to the radio. In fact, close to 90% of the population listens to the radio.

Radio is targeted.

Each radio station is operated with specific market segments in mind, so despite there being many radio stations nationwide there are particular stations that target your specific market.

In the car, at the office, in the garden you can reach your customer on the radio throughout the day or night. This increases the frequency that your message can be delivered.

Radio reaches your customer with frequency.

Advertising works by repetition. You may need to be exposed to a commercial three or four times before you take action. To reach this “viable frequency” radio advertising is often more cost effective than other media.

Radio offers additional promotional opportunities.

Announcers in your store, sampling your product on air, running a competition. Hard to do with print or on TV, but radio can offer this sort of “added value”, personalizing your product to your customer.

Sound is memorable.

Sound is stored in the memory more effectively than the written word. Sound, the spoken word offers emotion and encourages the listeners imagination to produce their own desirable image of a product. Radio is the theater of the mind.

What Are the Benefits of Radio Advertising?

Radio broadcasts have been called the theater of the mind, and advertising fuels the media. The benefits of using radio for advertising are many, ranging from its effectiveness to its low cost.

Close Contact

Radio is an intimate form of advertising. Many people listen alone, such as when jogging or driving. Listeners develop strong relationships with their favorite stations, identifying with the music and bonding with on-air personalities.


No matter whether you advertise with an all-sport or a classic rock format, stations know the audience demographics. Your advertising reaches the gender, age and economic status you target.


Because advertising on local radio broadcasts is not very expensive, it is more cost-effective than television commercials, print advertising and direct mail.


Radio advertising works as an everywhere medium. Consumers don’t have to be in front of their television or at their computer. They don’t have to acquire a magazine or newspaper, locate their eyeglasses or even know how to read.


Radio stations offer a variety of promotional activities that support your advertising. The station becomes a partner in your success, allowing you to give away promotional items with your name and logo, be live on-air and even hold broadcasts from your place of business.

* Radio Advertising helps you to promote your business by helping you reach a large number of listeners during their leisure time.It provides ample opportunity to businesses to tap their target audience enhancing their brand recall value. The cost of advertising in radio is very reasonable in comparison to the many advantages that it offers.The cost of radio advertising depends on length of your ad, the time at which your advertisement will go on air and the rating of the Radio Station. Being one of the traditional media with huge listenership base, it renders fast assistance to its advertisers helping them meet their objective by capturing large “share of minds” for brands. Marketing on radio is one of the finest ways to target and persuade listeners to instantly take right call to action. Radio Advertisement is the perfect tool for advertisers, who wish to successfully influence the purchase decisions of the listeners.You can leverage the power of radio via the leading radio advertising experts,ReleaseMyAd.

We deliver the following complimentary services for radio advertisements: 1) Media Planning: We provide all the tools to customize your campaign and generate results. We enable you to plan and buy radio advertising slots in radio stations of any location in India that can serve your objective.

2) Creative Development: We get melodious and effective jingles/voice overs developed, helping you not only to fit into listeners’ entertainment space but also enabling you to catch hold their attention. Our Ad creative also assists you in increasing your brand recall value.We create great radio advertisement jingles,which would work wonders for your brand. 3) Expert Consultation: Our team skillfully interprets clients needs and continually stays up to date with all the changes and trends in the marketplace including opportunities for advertisers on radio, directing them to take right call to action to help them achieve your target.We not only tell you how to advertise in radio but also make your campaign successful.

How and when your advertisement reach the peoples?

* You can reach most people using radio as a medium. To be precise, around 77% of adults tune in to an advertising supported AM/FM station. The average listener, spends almost 2 hours (109) minutes per day listening to AM /FM radio.

* You can reach people when they are driving to do shopping. Peak radio usage coincides with when people are driving to work, lunch time and leaving work. Listening is much lower between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM than during daytime hours.

What are the challenges with radio advertising?

* They are listening to the radio and doing something else. When listening to the radio, the listener may be driving a car, doing dishes or talking to friends. Often radio is not the primary focus of their attention. This makes communicating information like a phone number very difficult.

* To reach the entire audience of a radio station requires more spots than television. Television is sometimes called appointment viewing. Viewers generally have the intention of watching an entire show from beginning to end. On the other hand, radio listeners can tune in and out at different intervals. For example, two people that listen to the same show while driving to work, may never listen at the same time. Thus, a small business advertiser will have to advertise more often to reach everyone listening.

Should you advertise on radio?

Retail stores and restaurants can use radio ads very effectively . You can reach a potential customer when they are on their way to go shopping or thinking about where to eat that night. In short, radio can be very effective at driving traffic (pun intended) to your business. If you are currently already advertising on other mediums, such as television or newspaper, radio can be a very powerful one-two punch. The potential customer hears a television commercial at night and in the afternoon, and in the morning a radio ad reminds them about your business.

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