Desktop Applicatioons


Desktop Applications

Development of cross-platform applications to run on with Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as native programming of APIs for device and system utilities, communication, multimedia, web browsing, data management, and enterprise-grade solutions. Engineering of mobile applications and widgets for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile that manage displays, connect to social media, animate typical UI functions, and integrate typical app store functions such as payment processing.

We utilize C++ to create robust, object-oriented software capable of high-performance computing using both high- and low-level language features. We use C++’s versatility and interoperability to program desktop and mobile apps, performance-critical software, SQL servers, GUIs, and systems close to the machine. We also offer performance-boosting refactoring, continuous integration, porting, migration, and comprehensive testing services, as well as upgrades from C++11 and C++14 to C++17.

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