Magazine Ads


Magazine Advertising in India

Magazine Advertising

Appealing, Authoritative, Long-Lasting brand impact

  • No fixed time frame – Longer Shelf Time for magazine ads.
  • Clutter-free & category focussed editorial environment.
  • Target a specific niche for increased conversions.

Buy Magazine Ads Shelf-life of the magazines make it worthwhile for magazine ads to run in them. Readers browse through them for months after the publication & chances of ads drawing an audience is high up to 6 months after insertion. Magazine advertisements usually enhance the visual representation of your ad because of the high-quality pages they use. They are never thrown away, In-depth and detailed communication about a product/service is effectively carried through magazines. It is a great media vehicle for magazine advertisements to reach out to the most discerning & quality readers.

Target Audience

Nature of your business helps us identify your TG, segment & select based on equity, attractiveness. Helps us book slots at cheaper magazine advertising cost by choosing the right publications to match your needs.

We are a magazine advertising agency which uses pure data-driven techniques, like using SRDS directories we come up with a publication list that matches your needs. Based on IRS reports & thorough research on the businesses using these magazines, the kind of results they have achieved through those ads, we suggest the right magazine to advertise in. Through our tie-ups with publication houses across India, A magazine advertising Agency to get BEST rates & positions, suggest the right advertising options, size & positioning based on the preferences of your TG, objectives & your budget constraints.

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