Business Partner

Dear Biz Partner,

We are running successfully our eCommerce Portal in India

We are looking for Business Partners in Foreign Countries who will be our Partner and Leading Hand in their Country

We will provide Free eCommerce Portal and Promote your website online in your Country to get Sales

You have to just manage Listing Products, Purchase, Logistics & Post Sales with Customer Support for your entire Country

We will guide you in setting up and linking with your Local Vendors & Logistic Companies and we give online training to all your support staffs 

We will support you in complete Back Office support from India for handling updates and implement changes 

You are free to do your own online & offline promotions and increase Sales

We will just charge 3% of your Sales Value only on Sales

Kindly let us know your suggestions by written email with subject as “Biz Partner Your Country Name" 

Your shopping portal will appear as per following: 


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